Заседание Международного семинара "Анализ и понимание изображений"

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объявляет о начале работы постоянно действующего Международного научно-исследовательского семинара «Анализ и понимание изображений (Математические, когнитивные и прикладные проблемы анализа изображений и сигналов)».

Первое заседание семинара состоится 21.06.2016г. в 16:00.

Докладчик – профессор Ching Suen (директор «Centre for Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence»;  Research Chair in AI and Pattern Recognition, Dept. of Computer Science & Software Engineering, Concordia University, Монреаль, Канада).

Тема доклада

“Methods of Reducing Errors in Pattern Recognition”


Pattern recognition has been investigated by researchers for more than 5 decades and they have made considerable progress. But for some applications, such as financial documents, ID numbersnt numbers, mail sorting, cursive scripts, etc. the error rate remains too high for practical applications. This prevent the widespread automation of handwriting recognition algorithms in document analysis and processing. At CENPARMI, we have conducted extensive research on this topic in different languages, e.g. data collection, thinning methodologies, feature detection and analysis, multiple classifiers, human factors, and psychological studies on English, French, Chinese, and Arabic. This talk summarizes the efforts involved, achievements, experimental studies and our new directions aiming to minimize the error rates so that we can apply recognition technologies to process the huge volumes of real-world documents, and as an example to reduce errors in the recognition of other types of patterns. Real-life demos will be given during the talk.

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